Phlebotomy Courses Offered

The “Training For Medical Laboratory Professionals: Risk Management in Medical Laboratores” provides an understanding on the general concepts of risk assessment and focuses on developing risk management strategies guided by MSISO 15189:2014 and ISO 22367:2020 Medical Laboratories as well as risk analysis.

The "Training For Medical Laboratory Professionals: Auditors For ISO Internal Auditing" is a TWO (2) day face-to-face training workshop. This workshop will take participants through the technical clauses in the MS ISO 15189:2014 with a series of lectures, involve many discussions and sharing of examples focusing of Chemical Pathology tests, processes, and procedures.

This is half-day online workshop on introduction of MS ISO 15189 and its requirements for laboratories. Training comes with interactive PowerPoint presentation, expertise and experience sharing session and friendly interactions. The training would help participants to understand the needs of laboratory accredation and requirements for ISO.

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