Very nice presentations and the points are made clear. I personally like the real life stories that were told to us.
Simple and easy to understand all the presentation and practical. Thank you.
Good information. Gave a whole new idea on the importance of collecting a quality blood sample.
The presentations were very interesting.
Very clear and learn a lot of information I didn't know before this.
Interesting, maybe have more presentation in the future for skill, technique and experience sharing. Thanks.
Very satisfied with the way you present. It's very good and useful for my job in future. Thanks for answering all my doubts and giving me the tips in finding the vein.
A good teacher/trainer with a relaxed and good sense of humour. Therefore, letting us feel comfortable and at ease during the whole course.
… Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Overall the course is organized well and by the end of the day there were a lot of things I've learned and got to know.
No comment. ALL VERY GOOD!
Penjelasan yang sangat effective, menjelaskan teknik yang mudah dan sangat membantu.
…it has helped me understand more about phlebotomy and the technique of blood taking. I realized the seriousness of not collecting a quality blood sample and thus make me more responsible in future.
This course has improved my skill and taught me a lot of things. Thank you.
A presenter who is easy to talk to and having good ideas of his own.

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